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Nearly 23% of vehicle fatalities are 15-25 year olds.
Proper Driver Education > Crash Prevention.

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Driving Schools

Ministry-approved Beginner Driver Education Course

Beginner Driver Education Course

Our unique new driver training program is designed to help all new drivers avoid costly collisions and re-enforce smarter decision-making behind the wheel. This will not only help save lives but will result in long term insurance savings!

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G2/G Driving Lessons

G2/G Driving Lessons

Have you already taken a driving school course and still need extra lessons? Or did you fail your G2/G Road Test recently?
If so, we can help!
Register for our G2/G lesson and you will see and feel the “Difference”.

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Road Test Package

Collision Impact Avoidance

This specialized program program will help all drivers learn “key” survival techniques to avoid Head-On collisions, understand rear end crashes, evasive emergency maneuvers and become pro-active driver for life.




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