Driving Schools in Newmarket

Are you a parent of an aspiring young driver in Newmarket? Do you need an accredited driving school in Newmarket to help your child become educated in safe driving techniques and emergency avoidance maneuvers?


Where to Look?

Looking through various driving schools in Newmarket can be time-extensive and, frankly, exhausting. So, let’s save you the hassle!

Employing the services of Tomorrow’s Drivers’ driving school will help your child get the in-depth driver education that you want for them!

History with the Community

Tomorrow’s Drivers has been providing driving lessons in Newmarket for throughout the last decade. During that time, we have remained committed to the Newmarket community by providing a driving school that is second to none!

Tomorrow’s Drivers has also been aligned with the York Region District School Board for the last seven years. This partnership has secured excellent training for Huron Heights High School’s Driver’s Education program.

Keys for Excellence

So what factors have contributed to Tomorrow’s Drivers becoming the premier driving school in Newmarket?

First, a commitment to small class sizes for in-class instruction time has helped Tomorrow’s Drivers’ students get a high level of attention and interaction from their instructors. This helps instructors achieve a much higher level of overall comprehension.

By limiting class sizes to only fifteen students, instructors at Tomorrow’s Drivers are able to provide more personalized feedback and instruction for each and every one of their students.

We are also committed to one-on-one driving lessons to maximize the amount of time that students spend receiving guidance while they are actually behind the wheel.

Other companies pack two or three students in a car with one instructor, taking away from the valuable time that your child should actually be spending behind the wheel.

‘The Fundamentals’

The Ministry-Approved driving lessons offered by Tomorrow’s Drivers were specifically developed to teach your child solid driving fundamentals.

The instructors at the premier driving school in Newmarket will instill an ability to judge safe gaps in traffic, detect hazards, avoid distractions, safely merge into traffic and change lanes, as well as handle busy intersections and bustling parking lots.

Course Options

Tomorrow’s Drivers offers three primary courses: Beginner Driver Education, Collision Impact Avoidance Program, and G2/G driving lessons.

If you are looking for the premier provided of driving lessons in Newmarket, you need the instruction of Tomorrow’s Drivers – A Different Driving School!

Over the last ten years, Tomorrow’s Drivers has become the finest driving school in Newmarket. With a 99.5% passing ratio, it’s hard to argue against that!

For our in-class course schedule in Newmarket, simply visit us online!

To speak with Tomorrow’s Driver over the phone, give them a call at 1-800-241-7493!


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