Beginner Driver – Course Information

At Tomorrow's Drivers, we firmly believe that professional driver training is a wise lifelong investment.

Studies have consistently shown that novice drivers, regardless of age, are characterized by elevated collision rates directly stemming from their lack of experience.

Defensive Driving

Our Ministry-Approved BDE Course is designed to instill excellent fundamental driving skills in a low-risk environment. We teach our students to be aware and stay safe in practically all driving situations and scenarios.

Defensive driving is emphasized throughout the course. For example, students will learn how to:

  • keep safe distances in traffic.
  • be ever aware of their driving surroundings.
  • deal with busy intersections and parking lots.
  • safely merge and make lane changes on roads and highways.
  • identify and manage hazards and distractions.


Our annually re-certified instructors have vast experience, patience, and employ various teaching methods to suit their students' learning style. Small class sizes with highly interactive sessions, and one-on-one in-car training enhance the learning experience.

Tomorrow's Drivers also trains drivers with special needs. We have successfully trained students with learning disabilities and those who experience nervousness or anxiety when driving.

Learning Synergy

We go beyond Ministry requirements by performing additional student evaluations, facilitating open communication, and offering a free co-parent guide and defensive-driving DVD.

Our synergistic approach to learning maximizes the course benefits.

  • Our instructors provide interim reports for early identification of any areas needing improvement.
  • A pre-road test evaluation helps ensure success at exams.
  • Our co-parent guide defines a framework for parents or guardians to assist in training the new driver.
  • Reach us at 1-800-241-7493 at any time. Students and parents often have questions, so we are here to help.

We emphasize keeping a positive attitude about driving and road safety, and getting plenty of driving practice.

More Benefits

We're confident in the quality of our driver's education. If you have an at-fault crash within six months of receiving your G2 driver's license, we will refund your course costs. Please inquire for terms and conditions.

Also, all graduates of an MTO-Approved BDE Course may be eligible for lower insurance rates and a 4-month time reduction at the G1 license level.