Collision Impact Avoidance Program

Tomorrow’s Drivers has partnered with with ILR Car control School which is the most advance collision avoidance training system in North America.

With proven training all students will know how to avoid a collision, how to perform emergency stops, or safe lane changes, were all about learning as it occurred right in front of you. Most often it was too little too late. New motorists were thrust onto slippery winter roads with no previous ice driving experience or training. Most experienced drivers are still unsure on how to correct a skid or prevent one.

ILR Car Control School has 22 highly trained instructors, hand-picked for their communication skills, understanding of driving, observational powers and easy-going personalities. Our instructors all have competition backgrounds giving them a unique understanding of vehicle dynamics and handling.

After completing the course with ILR Car control clinic you will be able to handle the vehicle in the following situations:

  1. What do do when the drifts onto a gravel shoulder.
  2. How to prevent a head on collision.
  3. Understand how to deal with handle rear end crash, to minimize impact.
  4. Be able to handle the vehicle in Emergency Manoeuvres to avoid animal,objects and other vehicles that suddenly come in their way.
  5. Fully understand and be able to use Emergency Threshold Braking and ABS, to control skidding.
  6. Brake and Avoid by looking ahead of a possible collision.

We recommend this course in complimentary to our Tomorrow’s Drivers – Beginner Driver Education course. This will ensure you have all the skills needed to be a safe, defensive and pro-active driver for the rest of your driving career.

Prerequiste: must have a G2 or G driver License.

Cost $550.00.

To request more info on dates and times please email us at