MTO Requirements

Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Classroom and In-Vehicle Course Delivery Standards:

  • The classroom and in-vehicle training segments of an MTO-approved BDE course consists of a minimum of 20 hours in-classroom instruction, a minimum of 10 hours behind-the-wheel training, and 10 flex hours of homelinks training.
  • The classroom training must be delivered by a qualified classroom instructor and in-vehicle training must be delivered by a qualified in-vehicle driving instructor.
  • MTO preferred student/classroom instructor ratio is 24 to 1.
  • Students are required to have a personal copy of the textbook that supports the curriculum for reference prior to and during attendance of an MTO-approved BDE course.
  • Students are required to have a personal copy of “The Official Driver’s Handbook” for reference prior to and during attendance of an MTO-approved BDE course.
  • Maximum daily classroom training provided to each student enrolled in a BDE course must not exceed 5.0 hours per day, excluding meal breaks.
  • Requirements for In-vehicle Instruction: students are only allowed two (2) hours per day (excluding breaks and travel time) per student, where there is no classroom instruction for that day.  When students are attending the 5 hours of in-class sessions they are only allowed (1) hour of in-vehicle training.
  • Completion of the in-vehicle training must not exceed 1 year from the start of the classroom training.
  • Students are obligated to attend and successfully complete all lessons, including the 20 hours of in-classroom instruction, prior to qualifying for a Beginner Driver Education Certificate.
  • Student/behind-the-wheel instructor ratio for in-vehicle training is 1 to 1.

Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Certificate Information:

  • Students who have completed a BDE course prior to September 29, 2008 will be issued a BDE certificate by the driving school where they completed their course.  This certificate will be a paper certificate.
  • Students who enrolled in a BDE program on or after September 29, 2008 will not be issued a paper certificate from the driving school.  Students who have successfully completed all components of a BDE course will be certified on-line through the driving school by which they completed their course.

Students Required Proof of Course Completion

  • Students wanting proof of course completion for possible insurance discounts and have been processed through on-line certification transactions or a replacement of previously issued paper certificate by an approved BDE school need to obtain their Driver’s Licence History (DLH). This is done by request in-person at a Driver and Vehicle Issuing Office or ServiceOntario-College Park. If unable to visit a Driver and Vehicle Issuing Office you may send your request by mail. For further information regarding DLH, please contact ServiceOntario at 1-800-387-3445 or 416-235-2999.
  • The DLH search can only be requested by the driver’s licence holder, as it contains personal address information.

Should you have any further questions regarding the BDE Program, please contact the Ministry of Transportation BDE Contact Line at (416) 235-5540 or via email at